English High School student receives $200,000 scholarship

There is no greater compliment to a young student’s abilities and achievement at English High School than receiving a $200,000 full scholarship to Boston University.

As a result of receiving one of the top scores in the Boston University Latin Scholarship Competition, Anjeza Beharaj, whose family hails from Albania, has been awarded the Palma Aurea for the 2010/2011 academic year. That distinction carries a full scholarship to BU.

Our congratulations to Anjeza and her family, who must be so proud of her – and to Lynn English High School and to her Latin teacher, Michael Haddad.

This is a great compliment as well to the leadership of Principal Andy Fila and to the head of the foreign languages department, Joanne Glidden.

Best of luck to Anjeza.

Persta atque obdura.

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