Budget hearings to highlight furloughs

The Lynn City Council will begin holding budget hearings Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

The review of the budget to be discussed Tuesday evening includes public safety and other city spending.

It is expected that there could be a discussion on the School Department’s proposal for unpaid furloughs as a way to make-up for budget cutting made necessary by smaller reimbursements from the state.

Union teachers are already up in arms over the suggestion that teachers take unpaid furloughs in order to save jobs and to allow the School Deparment budget to be balanced.

Last May, in a press release from Teachers Union President Alice Gunning, she expressed the sentiments of her rank and file.

“The Lynn Teachers Union is not in favor of using furlough days to balance the city budget,” she said unequivocally without saying another word on the matter since.

The city budget stands at approximately $239 million right now.

Mayor Judith Flanagan-Kennedy needs to cut it an additional $1.9 million.

Council President Tim Phelan urged residents to attend the budget hearings Tuesday.

“I invite the public to comment on city spending and the budget for the coming year,” he said.

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