Lynn man held without bail in attack on great-grandmother

The Lynn great-grandmother who was allegedly beaten and bludgeoned by a purse snatcher is recovering from her ordeal – with much of those who have heard of her story shocked at the crime but left uplifted by her positive attitude.

Mrs. Geneva Sozanski, 89, who was beaten outside her Eastern Avenue home, said Friday she was gratified by the capture of her alleged assailant.

Nicholas Christian, 30, was arraigned in Lynn District Court Friday and held without bail.

The Hammond Street resident was charged with beating and robbing Mrs. Sozanski of her handbag.

The hand bag was found by police stuffed inside a trash-bag in the basement of the building where Christian lives.

A dangerousness hearing will be held Tuesday in Lynn District Court to determine what happens next with Christian.

Although no one has identified him at Mrs. Sozanski’s attacker, police believe they got their man.

A Jackson Street man apparently saw a man running to Hammond Street carrying a woman’s hand bag.

In addition, A truck driver apparently witnessed the assault and gave chase, later telling police he almost had the assailant but that he made a getaway in a black Chevrolet.

Also found by police during a search of Christian’s basement were stolen wallets and personal papers belonging to another Lynner who lives on Eastern avenue.

Christian has been charged with unarmed robbery of a person over 60 and assault and battery on a person over 60 and causing serious injuries to that person.

On Friday, Christian was also arraigned on heroin and Ecstacy charges and a drug school zone violation charge stemming from a warrant issued following his arrest March 5.

Mrs. Sozanski’s calm demeanor and her feelings of sorrow for her attacker doing what he did has made her an overnight celebrity.

Her comments heard on radio and read in the newspapers shows the woman’s goodness is exceeded by anything else her beating and robbery caused her to feel.

“I’ve lived in this city for 60 years. It is a good place and it remains a good place. Why do people do the bad things they do?” she asked.

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