Lynn Police Marathon Team Raising Money for Cancer Kids

A group of Lynn police officers are running the Boston Marathon to raise money for cancer victim – kids who are fighting for their lives.

These are all good, good guys, doing the right thing for kids who are in the fight of their lives, literally.

The members of the 2011 Lynn Police Marathon Team are Sgt. Dave McEnaney, Sgt. Glenn Dunnigan, Officer Mike Kmiec, Officer Ashley Kmiec, Officer John McKenna, Officer Brian Chisholm, Detective Robert Avery and Detective Gary Hagerty.

On March 24 this great group of giving people gave a $5,000 check to the family of four-year old Diego Cornejo who is battling leukemia.

It was a group effort – raising all that money and the Lynn group got the right to use Cops for Kids With Cancer in order to raise funds.

And in the end CFKWC made the contribution.

Great work. Fabulous work. What a statement about the Lynn Police marathoners!

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