Stale History Repeating Itself?

It is spring, again with the summer heat just around the corner.

Driving down the Lynnway two days ago with the front window down, a nauseating stench filled the car in the area of the Garelick Farms milk plant.

No. This couldn’t be happening and so early in the season, we thought.

But it was.

The stench was almost sickening and it went from the Garelick Farms factory to the bowling alley.

We don’t want to jump to conclusions but the stench was real.

We urge our elected public officials and our public health officials to make certain, well before the heat of summer is upon us, that Garelick Farms has obeyed the stipulations set upon it by the city some time back when the city was up in arms over Garelick failing to do whatever is necessary to have an odor free operation.

We’d ask that the plant be inspected immediately to determine that the company has conformed to the standards set by the city and state health officials.

And if the company has failed to do so, then steps should be taken to enforce the higher standards required and to fine the company if it is found to be in violation of the stipulations set forth by the city last year.

The stench last year emanating from the Garelick Farms operation on the Lynnway was overpowering and so thick it could be cut with a knife.

That nauseating stench must not be allowed to have a place in our city.

We know the mayor and the city government will look into this.

More importantly, we trust action will be taken for the company to comply if it hasn’t.

If it has complied, then the stench 2 days ago will prove itself an aberration.

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