The Brilliance of Budding Beauty Versus the Deadly Nightly Cold

There is a great battle being fought by everything gentle, colorful and gorgeous that has been coming out of the ground and blooming or coming near to it. That battle is about life and death between what is blooming or trying to bloom and the recent spate of nightly cold which causes death to such early expressions of the spring.

It is a terrible battle, really, and everyone with a garden or flowerbox in this city can see the toll the return of the cold has caused the early bloomers.

They tend to wilt and to fade rather quickly in the cold.

Those that don’t immediately die, are refreshed by the relative warmth of the day, using sunlight the way those of us taking medicine would ward off a sickness by using it.

Bottom line – the early spring in March was a fake. It caused everything growing to accelerate that growth unnaturally and then when things were about to blossom, the cold came and put a real damper to that.

All of this doesn’t bode well for everything seeking to remain alive and well throughout an extended spring and into summer.

Enjoy all the blooming while it lasts.

After all, nothing lasts forever and doesn’t last at all following a false spring followed by severe cold.

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