Dog Owners Will Likely Have a Park

It is very likely that a small section of Pine Grove Cemetery will be used as the site of a dog park – the first of its kind in the city of Lynn.

Community Development Director Jamie Marsh was circumspect about the possibility following a vote by Pine Grove Cemetery directors who voted unanimously to allow it.

“These types of venues take time to plan and then to organize. We need to make sure this is done correctly,” said Marsh.

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy is apparently seeking out special funding for the project, which she supports.

Some type of user fee is expected if and when the dog park is built.

Marsh said he wanted to make sure that this dog-park is top-of-the –line.

“This could take as long as a year to happen – but it likely to happen and we want to get it right,” he added.

Dogs will be given tags and with the users fee, funds will be raised to off-set the total cost of maintaining the dog park.

The city’s dog officer will oversee use and make certain those using the dog park have properly registered for it.

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