St. Mary’s Grad Gill Re-elected Class President at Saint Anselm

Joe Gill

Capturing nearly 90 percent of the vote, Lynn native and St. Mary’s 2009 graduate Joe Gill was elected Tuesday to serve his third term as class president for the class of 2013 at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. This was the second consecutive election that Gill ran unopposed. Gill will be inaugurated along with other classmates on Sunday, March 25 at a ceremony at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

As senior class president Gill holds the responsibility of planning events such as the senior formal and class reunions after graduation. Gill will also be the spokesperson for the class of 2013 in all legislative and administrative matters.

During the past year in office, Gill’s major accomplishment was balancing a budget of close to $20,000 to coordinate and pay for a junior formal, which was attended by more than 300 students.

Gill dealt with some contentious issues in the past year as he continually fought for election reform and transparency within student government. These two topics were the basis of his most recent campaign. Gill strongly endorsed a piece of legislation offered by his class council that would have made public the voting records of elected officials to the student body (a bill not passed by the Student Senate).

“Transparency in any governing body is essential,” said Gill. “A true leader stands by his or her vote even when it is not the most popular decision. We are entrusted, as representatives, to make tough decisions and it is up to us to stand firm in our beliefs instead of hiding behind them.”

Gill, currently in his second semester of junior year, will graduate in May 2013 with a degree in Politics.

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