Local Players Attend Chris Warren’s Diamonds In The Rough Softball Camp

Chris Warren is the vice principal at Lynn Classical High School and was once a Super Bowl quarterback for the

The coaching staff at the Diamonds In The Rough Softball Camp, from left, Tori Adams, Dave Guffey, Chris Warren, Jennifer Garrity, and Jill Strileckis.

undefeated 1990 Lynn English High School football team.

But he was also the head coach of the Lynn Classical softball teams that ruled the Northeastern Conference  and started a winning tradition that continues today under coach Erica Richard.

So it’s not surprising that young players (ages 6-15) from six different communities showed up for Warren’s Diamonds In The Rough Softball Camp last week in Lynn. Warren directs the longest-running softball camp on the North Shore and the quite-large contingent from Beverly affirms that his reputation as a softball coaching legend extends beyond Lynn borders.

“It’s been a great week,” said Warren at a session last Thursday. “The players are receiving a lot of instruction in the fundamentals of fielding, bunting, throwing, and baserunning – and we had four scrimmages yesterday.”

Warren launched the camp 15 years ago along with Winthrop High coach Dave Guffey and former Classical coach, Lysa Newhall, whose daughter, Lily, is a rising star at St. Mary’s High School.

Guffey remains on the coaching staff while former Classical stars Jen Garrity (Emmanuel), Jill Strileckis (Skidmore), and Tori Adams (Manhattan) were also assisting as coaches at the camp.

Among the attendees at Diamonds In The Rough were Warren’s two daughters, Brooke, a left-handed pitcher who had an excellent freshman season at Classical, and Brenna, 6, who is beginning her career as a pitcher.

Brooke has been pitching in showcase tournaments this summer and is the heir apparent to Tori Adams as the ace of the Classical staff.

“Classical has a really strong nucleus back with some four-year starters in the infield,” said Warren. “Classical is going to be strong, but there are some really good senior pitchers in the Northeastern Conference.”

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