An Award-Winning New Look : Price Rite President Jim Dorey Comes to Lynn Store’s Grand Re-Opening

There was a great, unscripted scene Friday inside the Price Rite Marketplace store in Lynn.

A customer approaches a man in the produce section and asks him for assistance in finding a food item. The man smiles and walks with the customer to the food item.

Jim Dorey (left), president of Price Rite Marketplace, is pictured with Nick Fordham, manager of the Price Rite Marketplace store in Lynn, during the grand re-opening festivities. The store’s new look and new shopping experience were unveiled Friday.

“Thank you,” says the customer to the man as he continues on his weekly shopping trip.

That handsome, helpful man dressed in a nice blue shirt was none other than Jim Dorey, president of Prince Rite Marketplace, who was at the Lynn store for the unveiling of a fresh new look and shopping experience as part of the store’s grand-reopening festivities.

The sincere cordiality, customer-comes-first, and go-the-extra-mile service and professionalism demonstrated by Mr. Dory – who oversees 60 stores in eight states – is one shining example of why the store has been so popular among shoppers in Lynn, Revere, and elsewhere.

On this late-summer day the supermarket was continuing a rollout of its award-winning re-designed store concept that is focused on deep discounts and fresh foods. Price Rite Marketplace kicked off its rebranding campaign in the fall of 2018 with three stores in Pennsylvania, followed by ten stores in Connecticut, and just last month, three more Pennsylvania stores.

The changes attracted new customers, generated industry buzz, and even secured a National Grocers Association Creative Choice Award for outstanding marketing and merchandising in the supermarket industry.

“This [Lynn] is a store that’s been great to us and the neighborhood has been awesome,” said Dorey. “The grand re-opening today is being celebrated in six stores, including this one.”

Price Rite Marketplace is committed to providing the freshest selection of produce and bakery items, including a new bakery department featuring ‘The Sweet Spot’ dessert case and an enhanced produce department with a farmer’s look and feel.

“The message is that we’re just getting better at the things that our customers already appreciated,” said Dory. “Our produce department is best-in-class and has more of that farmers’ market type-of-feel. We made it really easy for our customers to find the deals with better, improved pricing to show them the savings. We have the ‘Drop Zone’ which we believe is one of its kind. Those are deals that come and go quickly, so it’s kind of ‘grab them while you can’ with some unmatched pricing.”

Price Rite also relaunched its own brand, “which is high- quality at fantastic savings which we invite people to compare,” said Dorey.

Dorey said the store’s new open look makes for an easy-to-navigate shopping experience.

“It’s all about making it easier for the customers to shop and show them the savings that we always have,” said Dorey.

Price Rite in Lynn made Grand Re-Opening Day a truly enjoyable, vibrant experience, especially so for the first 400 customers who each received a $20 Price Rite Marketplace gift card. There were also free samples and entertainment at the Lynn store.

The feedback from customers has been outstanding, according to Dorey.

“The customers are really excited and we’re getting great feedback,” said Dorey. “You don’t know how much they understand the store until they start giving you feedback about the changes you’ve made – and every one of the comments has been, ‘the store is so much brighter, cleaner, wide open’ – and they seem to appreciate every change we’ve made.”

A proud graduate of Montclair State University in New Jersey, Dorey has worked with the company for 15 years. He said he hoped to visit some of the Lynn landmarks and restaurants during his visit here.

“I think Lynn is a really unique place,” said Dorey. “The customers know what they want and they reward you when you do a good job for them. And they like the way we treat them.” (Information from media materials provided by Price Rite Marketplace was used in the compilation of this story).

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