St. Mary’s High School – Campus of the Future

By Stacy Drector

The excitement at St. Mary’s High School continues to grow as the new STEM building climbs higher and higher.  The fall of 2020 will include not only 30,000 square feet of state-of-the- art classroom space and labs, but will transform the school into a campus with the Mosakowski Gardens, the Molloy-Twomey Green, the Cardinal Sean O’Malley Sanctuary, outdoor dining, an amphitheater and space for events.

Chartwells is creating a unique dining experience for the student body and faculty with a $300,000 renovation that includes outdoor seating in addition to unlimited breakfast, snacks and lunch in the STEM building.   Head of School Dr. John F. Dolan believes the dining space will be a “living and breathing part of campus.”  Also in the new building will be:  classrooms, labs, 3D printers, rooms with movable walls and gathering spaces.  “With the world coming at us, our students will be ready for college and beyond,” said Dolan.

The Molloy-Twomey Green, named for Dr. Elizabeth Molloy Twomey, will be an area for theater performances, a place to show movies and space for classroom instruction.  The school’s Environmental Club is working with Barbara Heath, Professor of Horticulture from North Sore Community College, to create a beautiful space. 

The Mosakowski Gardens, named for Bill and Jane Mosakowski, will be the home of the Cardinal Sean O’Malley Sanctuary, a special sacred meditative space where benches will surround a water fountain similar to the baroque gardens in Krakow, Poland.  There will be eight stones at its base with   a special quote translated into the eight languages Cardinal O’Malley speaks.   

The outside space will also be available for the public to use for St. Mary’s alumni reunions, weddings, catered events, etc.  This “venue of choice” will have plenty of parking. In addition, ten percent of the money raised through these events will be used for the care and upkeep of the grounds. 

Starting in the summer of 2021, the facilities will host STEM summer camps.  St. Mary’s will be a full twelve-month program open to all the private, charter and public school students in Lynn.  Private donations will make it possible for activities on nights, weekends, vacation weeks and the summer. 

St. Mary’s future looks bright, will be the “go to for STEM” and will not just be a high school, but a fully functioning modern campus.

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