The Tradition Grows: Rossetti Restaurant Will Expand to Beverly

Rossetti Restaurant, which started in Revere and has locations in Lynn and Winthrop, will expand to Beverly and open a new restaurant on Oct. 26 at North Shore Crossing.

Bob Rossetti said his son, Christopher Rossetti, 35, will oversee operations at the new restaurant.

Bob Rossetti stands beneath “The Rose” artwork at Rossetti Restaurant in Lynn. ” Our name is Rossetti for ‘small rose’ and we had this artwork custom made in honor of my parents Dominic and Lucy,” said Bob.”They’re always with us, so it’s an honor to have that rose here.

“Christopher will be managing and running our operations in Beverly,” said Bob. “We’ve hired Jason

Maynard as executive chef in Beverly. He brings a lot of years of experience from his work with the Columbus Restaurant Group, more specifically, Mistral Restaurant.”

Christopher attended Johnson and Wales University, majoring in Culinary arts and Hospitality. Upon graduation, he began working at Legal Sea Foods and had positions at Top of the Hub, Cheesecake Factory, and at Mistral.

“Chris has gained a world of knowledge and he’s brought it to our brand,” said Bob.

Bob views the expansion to Beverly as ‘an amazing opportunity.”

“The developers [Steve and Laura Cohen] have made it feasible for us,” said Bob. “They made it an incredible opportunity and have worked with us on the finance and construction and helped put this whole project together – they’ve been terrific.”

Bob added he’s “so proud” of his son, who is poised to carry on the family’s esteemed tradition in the restaurant industry.

“I’ve never been more proud of him,” said Bob. “I’ve always been proud of him but I’ve actually handed the torch off to him with his project that includes such an immense dedication from the permitting process to the all the construction, working with the architects and the designers, the plumbers, the project managers – Christopher has taken an interest and he has incredible insight into everything that’s gone into this restaurant.”

Bob said he’s excited about the future of Rossetti Restaurant in Revere.

“I will guarantee you that it will be one of the premier buildouts in Boston and on the North Shore,” said Bob. “It’s very exciting.”

Success in Lynn

Rossetti will celebrate the Lynn restaurant’s seventh anniversary on Nov. 4. “We’ve been incredibly well received by Lynn and the surrounding communities,” said Bob.

Bob attributes the success of Rossetti Restaurant in Lynn to “having everything in the hospitality industry that we need to have, starting with incredible service, hospitality, and our tradition of serving the local community our brand of food for 40 years.”

Origins in Revere

Bob Rossetti, 68, and his brother, Steve Rossetti, 65, opened their first food business on Park Avenue in Revere. Steve currently manages the Café Rossetti in Winthrop. They are the sons of the late Dominic and Lucy Rossetti.

“My brother and I started in 1979 making sausages in my mother’s kitchen and delivering them to the local neighborhood,” recalled Bob, a 1970 Revere High graduate. (Steve is a 1974 RHS graduate).

In July, 1979, the brothers opened Rossetti’s Italian Market in Revere featuring pastas, sausages, marinated meats, and submarine sandwiches.

The brothers opened Café Rossetti along Winthrop Beach 20 years ago. “We’ve been noted in Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the best BYOs (Bring Your Own Alcoholic Beverages) in the nation,” said Bob proudly.

Rossetti Restaurant in Lynn has been a magnet for Italian food connoisseurs in Lynn and communities such as Nahant, Marblehead, Swampscott, Revere, Wakefield and Reading.

“We’re fortunate to cover a good 20-25-mile radius with our restaurants,” said Bob.

The Lynn restaurant is operating at 50 percent seating capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. “We started right away with curbside and delivery service and we never hesitated because it’s what we used to in Revere back in the day,” said Bob. “It was well received by our loyal following.”

Bob credited Mayor Tom McGee and city officials for their support. “The City of Lynn has been very generous and helpful and we’re installing lighting and heating outside so we can continue to have outdoor dining and come Christmastime, we’ll be able to decorate and have music and provide an incredible holiday setting.”

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