Union Hospital Future Transition

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David J. Solimine, Jr., through the Solimine Charitable Corp, purchased the Union Hospital property from North Shore Medical Center and took title to the property on August 31. However, the North Shore Medical Center is retaining five acres of land that includes the new Medical Village/Urgent Care Center that opened on August 26, 2020.

The hospital site purchase includes two distinct parcels: 500 Lynnfield Street former Union Hospital building with 5.5 acres of land and the Woodland North parcel which was the employee’s parking lot with 9.5 acres of land.

The existing Union Hospital facility to make way for new construction.

The City of Lynn along with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) conducted a lengthy study with several neighborhood meetings to develop recommendations for the reuse of the property. David Solimine said, “I have based my plan on the MACP guidance, which encourages senior housing”.

The sign hangs outside the hospital thanking all

Solimine continues to outline his development at 500 Lynnfield Street, which is the existing hospital building. He said,  “During this time it does not lend itself easily to re-purposing.” He continued to state, “The plan is to demolish the hospital and to make way for new construction. Architects are now working on concept plans that would include between 150 to 175 units of senior housing (age 62 and older). Plans would include maintaining the landscape and mature trees that abut the homes on Dartmouth Street as well as the open space and wooded area that abut Woodland Avenue”.

As for the second part of the development at the Woodland North Parking Lot, he said, “This is a 9.5 acre parcel surrounded by single family homes. There are also two wetland areas that need to be protected. I will be proposing the construction of single family (over 55) age restricted homes on this site as a cluster plan. By clustering the homes, I would be able to maintain a no disturb buffer to all abutting neighbors and leave a good portion of the land in its natural state. The maximum number of homes built would be 33 with acres from Woodland North. A good example of this approach is the Nell’s Pond Village neighborhood between Emerald Drive and Judge Road”.

Another important aspect for the North Shore Medical Center, is that it will continue to use the hospital property for Covid-19 testing and response as needed. The building will also serve for training programs with the local police and fire departments. A parking lot will be completed for the new Urgent Care Medical Building for visitors.

This is a project that will enhance the City of Lynn and Ward 1. More specific information will be available before council approval from David J. Solimine, Jr. A future neighborhood meeting along with Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Lozzi will review this future development.

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