Sacred Heart Scholars Write ‘Thank You’ Cards to First Responders, Essential Workers

As part of a school-wide project, the scholars at Sacred Heart School wrote some touching ‘thank you’ letters to Lynn’s first responders and essential workers who have been so brave during the pandemic.

The Lynn Police Department, the Lynn Fire Department, nursing home nurses, supermarket grocery workers, and bank employees were the recipients of the letters, according to Principal Kristina Relihan.

Sacred Heart School teachers and students holding the letters they wrote to first responders and essential workers.

Sacred Heart teachers personally delivered the letters to the local heroes who were very appreciative of the thoughtful gesture by the students (Pre-K through fifth grade) during what has been an unprecedented health crisis in U.S. history.

In fact, the Sacred Heart scholars were able to see through various correspondences how much their letters meant to the recipients.

“All of our scholars have seen the photos of police officers and firefighters getting their cards, and you can definitely see the smiles under their masks,” said Relihan. “Just getting a thank-you card from a child is great, and for a child to understand the importance of the community helpers’ work is also great.”

The length of the letters spanned from one-sentence (“Thank you for helping others”) to multi-paragraphs about the importance of the work being done by Lynn Police officers, Lynn firefighters, doctors, nurses, health workers and others who have put themselves at risk to help others in need.

The project, titled “Thank You Notes For Our Community Helpers” was held in coordination with Catholic Schools Week, the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States.

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