We Must Be Wary Of the Virus

With the arrival of the vaccines and the spring season, it is clear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel from our year-long battle with COVID-19.

However, the good news that has been seen in the past month across the country, in terms of dramatic reductions in cases, deaths, and hospitalizations, by no means should make any of us think that we can let our guard down against this shape-shifting, deadly virus.

The variants of COVID-19 that are working their way through our population are more contagious and thought to be deadlier than the original, and may even present a challenge to the efficacy of the vaccines.

In addition, very few of us actually have been vaccinated. Although the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine was approved for use this past weekend, the company will not be able to begin distributing its vaccine in large numbers until the end of March.

While it may be true that we are winning the war against COVID, every American must realize that COVID-19 is a hunter and we are its prey. Until each of us can get vaccinated over the next two months, we must remain vigilant and practice all of the things we have been doing to stay safe for the past year — wearing a mask, avoiding large groups, washing our hands frequently, and staying six feet apart from others.

The finish line is in sight — let’s go strong to the end.

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