Crighton Endorses Nicholson for Mayor

State Sen. Brendan Crighton (D-Lynn) has announced that he is endorsing Jared Nicholson for Mayor of Lynn. In his announcement Sen. Crighton said that “throughout my 16 year career in public service I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with many dedicated members of the Lynn community. Today I am honored to announce my support for one of the brightest, hardest working individuals that I’ve ever worked with.”

Sen. Crighton cited his experience working with Jared, “even before Jared ran for office, he was fighting for many of our shared priorities including school funding, job creation, transportation improvements, and making sure that all Lynn residents have access to housing they can afford.” Sen. Crighton also put the endorsement in the context of Lynn’s future, “it is crucial that we have a mayor with the vision, toughness, and skills to lead us. When I’m fighting for the priorities that matter to Lynn in the State House, I need a partner like Jared in City Hall.

His vision for a future of Lynn that includes all of us is exactly the direction we need.” Nicholson said, “Senator Crighton is an exemplary leader in Lynn with an outstanding track record and a true champion of the causes that we both care about for Lynn’s future. I am thrilled and honored to have his support.” This endorsement is a telling sign that Jared’s grassroots campaign for Lynn’s future is building momentum in the community

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