City of Lynn Test Kit Distribution

On Friday 2/11, the City of Lynn will hold a distribution of free at-home COVID-19 iHealth Labs rapid antigen test kits from 5-8PM at the Lynn Tech parking lot. Entry will be from Neptune Blvd, exiting out to Blossom St. Both walk-thru and drive-thru entry will be permitted. Proof of Lynn residency will be required, which can include for example, a driver’s license, State ID, utility bill, health insurance bill, cable bill or cell phone bill. Test kits will be distributed on a one-per person basis.

These tests should be stored at home in room-temperature conditions until used. The tests can be completed by residents at home and results are available in 15 minutes. People do not need a cell phone or computer for any part of the test. The tests are for any individuals 2 years of age and up, regardless of vaccination status or whether they have symptoms.

Test results do not need to go to a laboratory or be reported to your local Public Health Department. However, people who test positive should isolate for 5 days, regardless of vaccination status, and notify their close contacts that they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

No test kits should be used for resale.

In addition to this distribution time on 2/11, the City will be distributing kits to organizations that serve vulnerable populations. If your organization or one you are familiar with is interested in volunteering to assist in these efforts, please click the link below. Authorized personnel from organizations should fill out this form, not individuals.

We recognize this is a short turn around time. We recently received the kits and want to ensure they reach the people as quickly as possible. We also intend to have further distribution days as necessary. We’d like to get these kits out into the community as soon as possible, and we ask for the public’s help in spreading the word about this distribution.

Lynn Organization Rapid Antigen Test Kit Request Form

The Center for Disease Control’s self-testing page:

For more information on isolation and quarantine:

The iHealth Labs OTC Rapid Antigen Test product insert:

 More information on the test:

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