Walk Against Drugs

The Walk against Drugs is to bring awareness to the public about the danger of how drugs can hurt someone’s well-being. This walk to “Say No to Drugs” is to help someone never to walk alone. School Committee Lenny Pena who organized this walk against drugs such as, Fentanyl, Heroin, Cocaine, and Crack said, “This is a movement to bring awareness and prevention to the City of Lynn. The purpose of this walk is to take away the stigma of once an addict is always an addict and give hope; a person who receives proper support and uses the available resources can recover and can become a productive citizen of society.” A non-profit organization was established, “Lynn against Drug abuse” that will offer outreach programs, recovery walks, and community resources. A website will be constructed soon to provide necessary tools needed for someone facing an addiction. The inaugural walk began at High Rock Tower and concluded at the Lynn YMCA with over 100 walkers participating. Honoree speakers discussed the ills of drug abuse. Information and resources were available to the public. A collaborative effort of local officials and business sponsorships helped bring this program together.

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