Family, Friends Honor Vinny Lozzi on His Retirement From Stacey’s Home Decor

The speaking program was simply beautiful at the retirement party for Vinny Lozzi. To reflect on Mr. Lozzi’s 52 years of working and five glorious decades of working at Stacey’s Home Décor and include all that mutual love and respect from his children, grandchildren, colleagues, and friends, in just 15 heartwarming minutes was, emotional and impactful, for those in attendance. Mayor Jared Nicholson and State Rep. Peter Capano, on behalf of Lynn’s state delegation, each presented citations to Mr. Lozzi in recognition of his outstanding career as a business owner and wishing him a happy retirement. Tony Lozzi, who has succeeded his dad as the leader of Stacey’s Home Décor, began the program by thanking his family and friends for attending the party and helping plan the celebration. “To my dad, the most amazing person in my world,” said Tony. “Just taking over the business six months ago – really, I have learned everything I’ve known about the business through my dad. The guy’s an artist. He was one of the last people in this country that still handmakes roller shades. I love you, dad, and thank you.” Capano credited the Lozzi family for its work and involvement in the community for generations. “There couldn’t be a better tribute to the work that you’ve done than to be able to pass this on to the next generation,” said Capano. John Miner, one of Vinny Lozzi’s best friends since childhood and a fellow leader in the Knights of Columbus, said, “Vinny is the dearest of friends that I ever had. He’s more like a brother to me. It’s been almost 60 years that we’ve known each other. We have been through happy times and through sad times. We’ve enjoyed the company of our children. Vinny has always been a hard worker. He has overcome a lot of obstacles in his life, but he has succeeded. And this is a great tribute to him that all of you have come out, all of you have known how hard he has worked – now the fun begins for him. To my beautiful friend, my brother – God bless you.” Brian Lozzi, son of the guest of honor, said, “One thing that nobody really mentioned is that the people that are here tonight – they’ve been around since he was born, through where we are today. So, family members, friends, from when he was a kid, a teenager, his father [Vincent Lozzi Sr.], 90 years old. I just want to say congratulations to my dad, we love him and a big round of applause.” Lee Stacey, grandson of Stacey’s Home Décor Leon Stacey who founded the business in 1915, traveled from Washington, D.C., to attend the celebration. “My dad [Frank Stacey] said to us, ‘I feel very comfortable with Vinny taking over the operations and eventually owning the business’ – and he was right on the mark,” said Stacey. “He did a much better job than my sister and I could have done. On behalf of my mother, Evangeline, and my father, Frank, and my sister, thank you very much.” Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Lozzi recalled how his older (by one year) brother began working at the store. “When I was a freshman at Lynn English High, I got a job offer through the school for Stacey’s, but I also interviewed for another job. I took the other job. I said to Vinny, ‘hey they’re looking for somebody at Stacey’s, go down there.’ “He did, and he’s been there for 50 years. He’s worked hard and he’s built up a great business.”   Brent Lozzi delivered a toast on behalf of the grandchildren, saying, “We just want to wish our grandfather a happy retirement and toast our Papa. We love you Papa. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.” Vinny Lozzi said he appreciated the presence of Lee and Carol Stacey at the celebration. “I remember when I started this job back in 1973,” said Vinny. “It was a struggle at some points, but it was always a pleasure to work with customers. I couldn’t even imagine doing anything else. It was a great adventure for me, but I got a lot of help. I just want to say I thank my kids and everybody that put this thing together. Thank you for coming.”  A spontaneous standing ovation followed warmly for Mr. Lozzi. DJ Alan LaBella played Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” Everyone danced and sang as the retirement tribute to Vinny Lozzi continued into a night the guest of his honor and his family will always remember.

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