Legion Coach Tony Luciano Is Stepping Down

The Lynn sports community was rocked this week by the announcement that Tony Luciano has decided to step down as the head coach of the Lynn American Legion Post 291 baseball program.

Luciano, 50, has been a stalwart in Lynn youth baseball for several years, beginning as a coach and later as president of the Wyoma Little League for five years, continuing as a coach in Lynn Babe Ruth, and most recently as the administrator and coach of Lynn American Legion Baseball the past four years. All told, Luciano has been an integral part of the city’s baseball scene for 17 years.

Luciano was honored for his outstanding leadership in Wyoma Little League at this year’s Opening Day ceremonies.

Luciano’s two sons, A.J. Luciano (Lynn Classical, Salem State) and Andrew Luciano (St. Mary’s) both played in the Post 291 baseball program, with Andrew playing this past season for the team. Andrew was also the starting centerfielder for St. Mary’s 2021 state championship team. Andrew and his St. Mary’s teammate, Terence Moynihan (St. Michal’s College), were key players for Tony Luciano’s state champion Lynn American Legion junior team.

Asked about his decision to exit as head coach, Luciano was candid, stating, “I just decided to step down because I just don’t have the time and my heart’s not in it anymore. I would be doing the kids a disservice if I stayed on to try to coach, because I just don’t have the time or the energy.”

Luciano said he would consider staying on as the program administrator, “if I could find a person to coach the team that’s going to take it over and run it correctly. The best- case scenario would be for an assistant high school baseball coach to take over the team.”

 Luciano’s announcement comes at a time when the popularity of baseball is trending downward in Lynn. Enrollment in Lynn’s Little League programs has been decreasing for the past several years.

“Little League Baseball is down, and I don’t know why,” said Luciano. “I don’t know why no one wants to play baseball. I understand it can be boring at times, but it’s my favorite sport.”

Greater Lynn Babe Ruth, under President Jeff Earp, has been a shining exception and stands tall as a strong and vibrant baseball organization in the city.Tthe recent achievement of its 15-year-old team qualifying for the World Series should bode well as Little League graduates look to continue their baseball careers in a strong organization that is a perennial contender for state and regional championships.

Luciano is a graduate of Lynn Tech and has worked as a certified plumber for 34 years. He is the company foreman.

Newhall Praises Outgoing Coach

Jason Newhall, a former Bridgewater State baseball star whose son, Shea Newhall, was selected to the All-Tournament at the 2022 Babe Ruth World Series, praised Luciano’s contributions to Lynn baseball.

“Tony Luciano has been great for so many organizations through the years, ultimately enhancing the players’ experience through fundraising,” said Newhall. “Tony was always great at building a team to get things done. He was instrumental through the whole process of adding lights at Wyoma’s baseball and softball field.

“Tony was at Wyoma, Babe Ruth, and most recently Legion, morning, noon, and night, of course outside of his regular work schedule,” continued Newhall. “Tony will always have a place in the hearts of many for his work ethic and his irreplaceable volunteerism.”

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