Transformations: An audio-visual event, set for March 1 at Lynn Arts

Soundscape Visions, a collective of local artists and musicians, will present Transformations, an audio-visual performance event that invites the audience to reflect on the themes of artificial intelligence, global warming, societal transformations, and nature. The event combines original video art, live music, and poetry to create a multi-sensory and immersive experience.

The event will take place on Friday, March 1 at 8 p.m. at Galleries at Lynn Arts in Lynn. Tickets are $10 for general admission.

Transformations is a result of a collaborative process that integrates different media and genres. The video art created by François-Xavier de Costerd and Stephen Levin consists of stunning visuals that depict the beauty and the complexity of our world and the changes it is undergoing. The music, written and performed by Alexander Vavilov on viola and Ara Sarkissian on keyboard, spans from classical and romantic to contemporary and minimalist, creating a dynamic and diverse sonic atmosphere that enhances the visuals. The poetry, written by Stephen Levin and recited by Mitchel Ahern, adds a lyrical and poetic dimension to the event.

Soundscape Visions is a group of artists and musicians who share a passion for exploring the fusion of visual art and music. They aim to create and present innovative and engaging audio-visual works that stimulate and challenge the audience. Transformations is their third program and the first of a series of three planned programs for 2024.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a unique and captivating audio-visual show that will take you on a journey through the hopes and of our times. Join Soundscape Visions for Transformations and discover the power of art and music to inspire and transform your perspective and imagination.

Seating is limited, so advance booking is recommended. For more information and tickets, visit

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