DCR on the ball

Once again, kudos go to Department of Conservation and Recreation Director Richard Sullivan.

Following the recent storms that pummeled the beaches here, sending sand everywhere, and creating a general mess, DCR employees who care for the beaches were sent out en masse to make things right, again.

This is a sign that DCR under Sullivan continues to set the example of the way a state agency should be run and how it should respond, and in fact, how it has responded to the crisis created by the bad weather recently.

Most impressive, however, was watching a DCR front end loader sweeping its way down the sea weed clogged sidewalk on Lynn Shore Drive during a high tide Saturday afternoon.

The tide was unusually thick with brown seaweed – and the splashing waves rising up from the cement seawall, dissipated into crashing water, with the sea weed covering the sidewalk.

This is the first time in many, many years we were witness to the DCR getting rid of that noxious seaweed so walkers and runners could have a free and clean sidewalk to traverse.

This is absolutely fabulous stuff and we want to thank DCR and its faithful and dedicated employees for taking the time to care and for showing they care.

And again, we thank Rick Sullivan for the heads up type of DCR that he runs.

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