Play of the Game – Byrne Starts a Brilliant Double Play

If she didn’t make the play look so ordinary, you would have thought it was extraordinary.

But those fans who have been watching Lynn Classical shortstop Hannah Byrne play softball the past four years weren’t surprised when she turned a hard-hit trap-hop grounder into an inning-ending double play in the Rams’ 7-0 win over Revere in the state tournament opener Saturday at Grace Rogato Field.

Byrne raced full steam to her left, reached down and scooped up the ball, lightly grazed second for the force and then rifled a strike to first baseman Katie Cuozzo to complete the double play.

Byrne was so quick and graceful in her movement that the Revere first base coach and others thought that she hadn’t touched second base.

“It was close but I did touch the base,” affirmed Byrne after the game. “I felt the base. I went across the base.”

Did Hannah think she had a chance to turn two when the ball was heading swiftly toward the middle of the diamond?

“When the ball got hit, I just realized there was somebody on first base and I figured I was close enough to the bag and I just tagged it and threw.”

Meanwhile, Classical coach Chris Warren said he’s seen it before from Byrne, an NEC All-Star and scholarship player.

“I saw Hannah spin one of those when she was playing Babe Ruth softball,” said Warren. “I’ve been waiting to see one ever since. It’s one of those eye-opening plays that gets you excited. I love seeing plays like that. That’s Hannah at her best.”

Byrne and her Classical teammates were taking the field Monday for a showdown against perennial Division 1 North nemesis Acton-Boxboro.

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