Phelan Opens Mayoral Campaign Headquarters

Council President Tim Phelan and his wife, Stacy, pictured outside his mayoral campaign headquarters.

Council President Tim Phelan and his wife, Stacy, pictured outside his mayoral campaign headquarters.

It was 95 degrees Saturday but that didn’t deter a large group of supporters from joining Council President Tim Phelan for the grand opening of his mayoral campaign headquarters.

Just after noontime, Phelan and his wife, Stacey, posed for a photo with the group outside the building located on Myrtle Street. The attendees enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks, and soft drinks courtesy of the Phelan campaign.

Phelan was understandably very pleased with the turnout. His two major events so far, his campaign kickoff reception at the Knights of Columbus, and the grand opening of the headquarters, have both been well attended.

“For a hot summer day with so many baseball games and vacations – to have 100 people here was exciting,” said Phelan. “There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm building. We have support from all four corners of the city. I know I am the underdog running against an incumbent but I get so much encouragement and so many people believe in what I believe in.”

Phelan said the city is looking for “new possibilities and positive differences in the future and I think I’m the person to bring that and I get that from the people.”

Phelan added that his campaign “is about improving the city of Lynn. It’s not about the past, it’s about the future and the future is now in Lynn.”

Phelan has been campaigning door-to-door in the city.

“I think that the best way to campaign is to meet people, to hear what the concerns are, to understand their concerns, and address their concerns because this is their city,” he said.

Phelan, who attended the Lynn Community Association’s July 10 councilor-at-large forum, will participate in a debate with Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, on August 7.

“It should be exciting because the race should be about issues and issues only,” said Phelan. “It’s not about personalities. It’s not about personalities, rumor or innuendo. This is about what’s best for the city of Lynn and who could lead the city of Lynn in the future.”

Phelan announced that his brother, Vincent Phelan, is serving as campaign manager.

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