Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy Live in Concert at the Kowloon Restaurant

Ayla Brown, American recording artist (from Wrentham, Massachusetts), American Idolcontestant and morning host on 102.5FM Country music station Boston is set to perform live in concert at the Kowloon Restaurant’s outdoor patio on Friday, August 28 from 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. To reserve, call the Kowloon Restaurant 781-233-0077.

Rob Bellamy, country music singer, joins Brown on stage for the concert. Bellamy (from Providence, Rhode Island) is a former hockey player who studied at the University of Maine, then went onto play hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers. His love of music brought him to Nashville where he now writes and records. The duo will perform their original song, “Make It Mean Something,” at the concert.

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