Warren Park Community Garden a Source of Pride

Warren Park transformation is becoming the pride of Ward 6. Young people are taking an interest inside the park, since new basketball courts have been installed, updated playground apparatus for children to play on, and a community garden for neighbors to grow fresh produce.

Garden Organizer Bryan McAskill explained, “This garden is very important for the neighborhood. Many people have home gardens and they wanted to be more involved in the community; this garden brings people together as well as helping each other. The garden is here to teach young children how to grow different type of vegetables and herbs by having their own personal vegetable bed”.

Through the efforts of Antonio Guitierez, who was instrumental in bringing the Shannon Collaborative Grant into Lynn years ago to help the youth, is an outgoing individual that has a concern to help and motivate young people.  After the Shannon Grant was established, the Lynn Youth Street Outreach Advocacy (LYSOA) was launched with a combined association with Catholic Charities, Family & Children, Lynn DPW, and the Lynn Police Department to put the youth to work every summer. LYSOA Advisor Guitierez along with Bryan McAskill and the Shannon Grant supervisor, Raashley Vargas, are helping the youth each day to learn new skills.

Warren Park initial goal is to have more foot traffic which will deter any unnecessary problems as children and adults visit the park. The Warren Street community became excited to have these improvements, to have a clean space, and to have 20 vegetable beds constructed with more to be built as interest continues to grow.  The banner displaying the garden was donated by Obed Matul of Full Color in Lynn.

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