Judith Wilson Announces Her Candidacy for School Committee

Judith Wilson is a political candidate campaigning to be one of Lynn’s next School Committee members.

The following is her statement:

For the past 36 critical years, Judith Wilson has called Lynn home. She is vested in this historic city and has made valuable contributions by helping people in various areas of dire need, including volunteering.

Judith Wilson

Judith Wilson is a devout mother, a local author, and a former Substitute Teacher in the Lynn Public Schools. Additionally, she was a Family Engagement Supervisor who successfully developed, advocated, and intentionally implemented programs and activities designed to educate, support, and enhance the personal development of families.

Judith Wilson reports that she is pursuing one of six spots on the School Committee because changes are needed in Lynn schools. She desperately wants to ensure every local student achieves academic excellence, attends safer schools, is given afterschool programs that proactively engage students, attends schools with solid infrastructure safe for learning, receives mental health support for local teachers, and revisits the Massachusetts bullying policy. Additionally, Judith Wilson strongly believes parent involvement is key to the change she desires to witness in schools.

Critical improvement of academic skills for special education students, adequate resources for teachers, voice equity for all students and parents (a seat at the table), and inevitably becoming a model locally and statewide are equally important.

Judith Wilson is a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She furthered her education by earning a Master of Education with a focus on Mental Health and is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success Society (honor).

The skills Judith Wilson has acquired as a former Substitute Teacher, Family Engagement Supervisor, and Mental Health Clinician would undoubtedly help her transition well into the role of a School Committee member. Her experience establishing partnerships with families, school committee members, listening to the needs and concerns of all concerned, and building alliances with local communities and their leaders, school administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders would be an asset to the School Committee. 

Judith believes children represent the future of the world, and they are best served when provided with all the necessary tools to grow healthily using an integrated approach. Win or lose, Judith Wilson reports she will be committed to helping to improve Lynn Public Schools.

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