Rainbow Adult Day Care 5th Year Anniversary

Rainbow Adult Day and the Health Care Center of Lynn celebrated a five-year anniversary. The program began in 2018 with only forty participants attending each day. Currently, the program has grown to over 190 participants from throughout Massachusetts.

Ward 3 Coco Alinsug; At-Large Councilors Brian Field and Hong Net presented Lynn Council Citation and
Sean Reid presented the State Senate Citation to Thanha Net, Johnny Mao, and Alexandra Pierre,
Mayor Jared Nicholson presented a City of Lynn Citation
to Program Director Thanha Net, Marketing Director Johnny Mao, and Program Coordinator/Marketing Alexandra Pierre
Transportation Drivers Recognized by Thanha Net and Johnny Mao to Rozan Mam and Lead Driver Chhavorn Yang.

Many beneficial services are available for the clientele according to Marketing Director Johnny Mao.  He continued to say, “Rainbow Care covers seniors who have health insurance plans such as, Mass Health, Senior Care Options, Fallon Health, Tuft Medical, and many more. Our Center offers medical, nursing, social, therapeutic activities along with Alzheimer and Dementia  programs. A dietician monitors meals when served to participants. Informational programs offer citizenship applications, public housing, medical Doctors, renewal of hygiene and passports, and transportation.”

Mayor Jared Nicholson expressed on behalf of the City of Lynn a sincere congratulation on the five year anniversary. He said, “This is such an amazing community here with a remarkable team in place. This center has grown and built a quality program.” Mayor Nicholson continued to say, “All our residents deserve these services in a safe and a genuine culturally competent way. The city thanks the team who created this program, all participants who embraced this community, and those who make this center a warm, welcoming, healthy, and supportive place.”

Councilor-at-Large Brian Field along with At-Large Hong Net and Ward 3 Coco Alinsug presented a City of Lynn Council Citation. Sean Reid from State Senator Brendon Crighton’s office presented a State Senate Citation.

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