City looking for feedback on parking

Special to the Journal

Do you have an opinion on the parking situation in downtown Lynn? If so, the City wants to hear it.
As part of an ongoing downtown parking study, the City has developed a survey designed to collect data from the community to better understand parking needs from the user perspective. Those who live, work or visit the downtown can weigh in on topics including availability of parking, more efficient use of space, and whether the parking system is meeting the City’s goals.

There are 7,626 parking spaces downtown, with 2,446 on-street spaces and 5,180 off-street spaces. About 4,000 of the off-street spaces are private spots reserved for tenants.

The survey was launched during the first public workshop on February 7. The City seeks the community’s input to supplement data collected about the parking system to ensure the downtown parking strategy can address a wide variety of parking needs for residents, businesses, and visitors of Lynn’s downtown. The goal for the community engagement process is to develop a parking strategy that promotes a vibrant, walkable and welcoming downtown. After the surveys are reviewed, two more workshops will be held before a final plan is published.

To take the survey, visit

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