Lynn English High School students participate in Brickyard Collaborative’s Community Boat Building

Community Boat Building is an excellent program teaching students how to build life skills. The Brickyard Collaborative operated during school vacation week to construct a ten foot rowboat named Periwinkle Junior 2.  The class was held daily from 9  a.m.until 3:30 p.m. 
“This is an opportunity for the students to do something new and do something never done before according to Instructor Michael McLaughlin. “Working with students they learn to understand three major rules – safety, following directions, and they have the freedom to fail,” said Michael. He continued to explain that it is okay to make a mistake; it is not the mistake but what a student can do about it which is an important rule in life.  
Michael has a simple greeting quote which is “I see you and I am here.” He noted the importance of the quote as he said, “You see the person who they are, recognize the students as themselves and help the students become better in the moment.”
Lynn English High School teacher Frank Grealish had six of his students participating in the program. “All these students came out of the Kayaking – Sail Lynn program,” said Grealish.  
“We are really thrilled to have the students involved. They learned woodworking skills and team building by working together. I see team building happening more during the week. It is amazing to see it all come together.”
The Brickyard Collaborative is located at 760 Western Avenue rear in Lynn. If interested, please visit the woodworking shop to learn more about the program. 

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