The Debate

Thursday, at North Shore Community College, at 3:00 pm. Congressman John Tierney will debate with his opponent Richard Tisei.

The debate is being dubbed as an issues debate and the context within which it resides will ostensibly be about jobs, the economy and the future of the middle class.

As I understand it, debate organizers and participants – Congressman Tierney chief among them – did not want to ask or answer questions about whether or not Congressman Tierney knew that his wife’s brothers were bookmakers, gamblers and scammers.

The question, given the facts, is reasonable and it goes to the core of what is at stake in this election.

Did Congressman Tierney know about his wife’s checking account and the $7 million that passed through it or did he not?

Seems like a reasonable question in a congressional debate – and it will be asked.

Did he wonder how his brothers-in-law got their money after staying at their Caribbean mansions or did he not?

When Congressman Tierney’s wife admitted guilt in Federal Court to giving aid to her brothers in their greedy money making schemes, did this come as a surprise and shock to our congressman or he did he know all the time what was going on?

Questions like this go to the core of what should be asked in this election – who is better suited to serve the people of the 6th Congressional District, Richard Tisei or John Tierney.

Who is the more honest man? Who is the more forthright about their inadequacies and their excesses, Tierney of Tisei?

If you’re going to this debate you want to hear questions about the major issue of this campaign – whether or not Tierney should be re-elected because he was the holder of secrets about his wife’s involvement in her brothers’ criminal enterprises.

Of course he knew. He had to know. How could he not have known?

But then, maybe he didn’t know.

If he did, and it didn’t matter, then why didn’t he tell us, those of us he pretends to lead and to represent?

I have said before that Congressman Tierney is not guilty of taking payoffs from his in-laws. Congressman Tierney is not the type to take payoffs from anyone.

However, he is showing every indication of being the type of man to keep a bad secret, that he knew all about his brothers-in-law criminal enterprise and of his wife’s relationship with them.

This isn’t just a character flaw. It is a slap in the face to voters who are left wondering about Tierney’s integrity and honesty.

Did he know? Did he not know?

That is the question.

If he knew and doesn’t answer the question, you can’t vote for him.

But if the question isn’t asked, it makes a mockery out of the forum.

Now Tierney says he wants the question asked.

I urge that voters listen carefully to his answer.

But what about a debate where he gets a free ride?

What kind of debate is that!

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