Brian Field Kick-Off Campaign

Brian Field kicked off his re-election Councilor-at-Large campaign in the middle of Lynn at Tony’s Pub and Grill. According to Brian,” There is no other place that I want to be, but right here in the heart and soul of Lynn. This is where I spent my election nights with friends and family, because Tony and his staff have been good to the city, sports, schools and anyone who reached out to him. He has a heart of gold that is why I am here to begin, once again, my re-election bid for Councilor-at-Large.

Prior to pandemic outbreak, Councilor-at-Large Brian Field knew he and his colleagues wanted to do many new initiatives for the city. But, the last three years have been difficult with financial concerns and the pandemic. “As a Councilor” says Brian, “working together with the Mayor and with the State delegation, we were able to turn around what could have been a lot worse. I am happy to be part of this effort with the Council making the correct changes for a better Lynn.”

Brian looks forward in this upcoming campaign to meet voters and to listen to their ideas. He will reach out anytime and said, “It has been an honor for me to serve the citizens of Lynn.”

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