Greater Lynn State of the Regional Breakfast Forum

A strong business and a strong community is the Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce message at this breakfast forum. The organization’s focus is to increase economic vibrancy in the district.

Guest Speaker of Lynn EDIC Executive Director Jim Cowdell stated, “We have to look back from last year which was not so good dealing with the pandemic; however, we continued to move forward. We made $9 million in grants to local businesses which was a good sign. In spite of Covid-19, the Lynnway will soon have new developments. A.W. Perry Real Estate Firm purchased Garelick Farms and Mass Merchandise which is fully permitted and funded for $350 million will soon break ground.

Jim continued to note about the North Harbor area which was known as the Beacon Chevrolet site that has been vacant for 40 years as he said, “The $120 million project is fully built out. People will begin moving into the complex in July. A 110 million dollar project on Monroe Street is completed and occupancy is available. The future looks bright for the city. More economic projects are being planned and beyond. We look back to look forward.”

Soon transitioning into private life in January, Mayor McGee is proud how Lynn is moving ahead. Tom explained, “I spent 27 years in the State House and now serving the city that I love is a great honor of my life. Having the chance to make a difference for this city as Mayor was a terrific experience working with many amazing people in our community.”

Mayor McGee worked hard with his team to move the city into the right direction as he continued to say, “We made great progress, and most important, to balance the budget. Three years ago the city had a tough time, but I see Lynn having a strong future. Many pieces are in place to help the city move ahead. I thank my staff, city employees, department heads. All of them made it happen as well as the people in the community. As we all faced one of the greatest challenges in our life time, Covid-19, everyone stepped up to help the community. I am proud of the work that I was able to do; I am proud of the direction that the city is going; and I am proud the city is much stronger financially. We made adjustments for the city to continue to grow and prosper. The city will be in good shape and a much better place, since I took over four years ago. I am proud of the hard work everyone has done for the City of Lynn.” 

Other participants included Nahant Town Manager Antonio Barletta and Swampscott Town Manager Sean Fitzgerald.

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