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The BreakBomb Project Drops Anthemic New Single ‘Waiting For’

Reveling in an explosion of success following induction into Spotify’s coveted 1 Million Stream club, and amid a relentless string of sold-out live shows, The BreakBomb Project has charged back with another playlist-ready release evocatively titled ‘Waiting For’, this time in collaboration with emerging vocal talent Ashley D.

Driven by electronic dance music producer, DJ, songwriter, and recording artist Brandon Greenstein, of Lynn, The BreakBomb Project has enjoyed a surge of acclaim surrounding its impressive string of releases over the past 18 months. And ‘Waiting For’ raises the bar once again, bringing together all of BreakBomb’s trademarks: lucid basslines, melodic scales, visceral timing, and all of the signature creative elements that fans have come to expect from the producer. With an intoxicating, uplifting undercurrent driven by Ashley D’s sweeping vocal treatments, the track goes big conceptually and technically.

The track is set to electrify crowds and invade playlists as we move into the fall and winter months, and further cements BreakBomb’s impressive, rapidly-growing catalog of output and prolific collaborations.

‘Waiting For’ debuts on Spotify and streams everywhere this Friday. Click here to listen to The BreakBomb Project on Spotify or visit for more information. Follow on social at @thebreakbombproject.

The BreakBomb Project is driven by electronic dance music producer, DJ, songwriter, and recording artist Brandon Greenstein.

 Since the debut of his first single World in 2018, Greenstein has delivered an unwavering stream of crowd-pleasing, critically-acclaimed hits such as: Breakdown (2018), Fly Away (2018), Up Till Morning (2018), One Love (2019), Goodnight (2019), and Ticking (2019). Following a groundswell of recognition through the pandemic and into the new decade, Greenstein went on to find his largest successes to-date with powerhouse releases DEEP END (2020) and WHY (2021), catapulting his career to new heights and a global fanbase.

 Since then, Greenstein has firmly established himself as a fixture in the dance community, known for having superior production prowess and a propensity for crafting uplifting melodies. These signature attributes have translated seamlessly to his live performances where he has dominated the dance landscape, moving crowds while supporting globally-renowned DJs and performing artists at some of the top nightlife venues in the world.

 Greenstein continues to advance and accelerate his career, creatively and technically, as a newly-minted student at the School of the Arts at Boston’s famed Emerson College.

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