Dr. Peter Meaney Seeks Ward 1 Seat

Dr. Peter Meaney announced his candidacy for Ward 1. Peter is a very energic, curious, and caring person who loves life according to Ward 1 resident Priscilla Gainey. She added by saying, “Peter takes every day head-on trying to help people; he volunteers at the Senior Center as a Dentist and participates in clean-up days at parks. He wants the best for all of us in Lynn and in Ward 1.”

Speaking as well was Kevin Gainey who expressed the importance of running for political office as he said, “We need people who will listen, be accessible, and personally speak with people; that is critical. We need someone who can build coalitions and relationships within various departments throughout City Hall. These are the qualities for an elected official.” He continued to state, “This is how voters can advance issues that are important to us in Ward 1. We need to reach out and support Dr. Peter Meaney to be elected as Councilor of Ward 1.”

Opening comments from Dr. Peter Meaney, as he explained his desire to run for Ward 1, “When someone asks me why I am running for City Council, since you are a Dentist and business owner, what are you thinking about.” Peter replied to his supporters, “I am tired of waiting around for someone else to do something when the opportunity is staring at me. The City of Lynn right now is at a turning point. We are a city on the verge of dramatic change. The only question one may ask oneself is whether the change will be positive or negative. I feel it can be positive and I will work extremely hard. I am all in for Lynn.”

His concerns for Ward 1 involve: having some form of emergency services with the Lynnfield Firehouse, Gowdy Park new facelift, and improved parking around the schools.

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