American Flag Burning Ceremony

Capt. William G. Shoemaker Post 345 conducted the second annual burning of unserviceable American Flags. Since 1937 the disposal of worn or tattered flags has been a tradition through the American Legion. It is customary to show respect and tribute during this serious and noble occasion that was held at Pine Grove Cemetery.  

Through dedicated research Adjutant/Service Officer Jack Marino learned of the internment process which occurred at Alabama American Legion Post 90 placing retired flag remains in a final resting place. Post 345 became the second American Legion to perform this internment ceremony in the nation.

This is an honorable way to retire American Flags to ashes to earth. Jack Marino initiated this ceremony with his Shoemaker Post members along with David Solimine producing this program. Veterans, friends, and local officials attended this respectful ceremony. Lynn English JR ROTC Cadets and Scout Troop 34 helped with the proper disposal of each retired American flag with dignity. After the completed burning, the flag remaining ashes were placed into an urn vault for burial at the Veterans lot.

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