Elizabeth Figueroa Kickoff Campaign for Ward 2

Community Activist and business owner, Elizabeth Figueroa, is focused on strengthening and unifying Ward 2. She announced her candidacy for City Council with a large group of supporters at Uncommon Feast on Western Avenue.

Pasto Giselle Bido introduced Elizabeth for Ward 2 Councilor as she said, “This announcement focuses on our community and its needs.”  She continued to say, “We understand there is a lot to be done; it is wonderful to see a group of people come along and support someone like Elizabeth Figueroa who is willing to go the extra mile and willing to advocate for our community.”

Campaign Manager Genesis Guerrero said, “Elizabeth is connected to her community; she will work with everyone because she has a desire and passion to help all constituents.”

Ward 2 candidate Elizabeth Figueroa is concerned with today’s society for affordable and secure housing. “Everyone deserves a roof over their head without being concerned with rent issues. Housing is a right not a privilege to call home,” as Elizabeth stated.

Another issue of concern is the mental health crisis and substance disorder in society. “This crisis cannot be ignored any longer,” said Elizabeth. She will advocate for a mental health comprehensive plan that will include affordable care.

Other concerns involve quality education, which is a child’s foundation for the future; she will work with the School Committee, teachers, and parents. Regarding the city budget, she wants the budget to be transparent and accessible to all citizens to know where the tax dollars are going.

As a candidate and homeowner Elizabeth believes that having community input will bring about positive change. She then said, “Together we can ensure affordable housing for all, address mental health issues, and having the city budget reflect our priorities.” 

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