Ward 3 Councilor Coco Alinsug Re-Election Campaign Kickoff

Jubilant supporters applauded and cheered during the evening at Coco Alinsug’s Ward 3 re-election kickoff campaign. Precinct Captain Bonnie Carr reviewed Coco’s many accomplishments during his first term in office as she stated, “Coco is a highly engaged Councilor. Ward 3 residents are very fortunate to have him. This evening I want to share Coco’s accomplishment that made our ward a better place to live.”  

Bonnie explained to all in attendance Coco’s effort and hard work as a Councilor. She began by saying, “He secured improvement grants for Goldfish Pond and Kiley Park, oversaw road pavements, installed street guardrails, and lamp post updates. He kept his constituents informed and involved with an on-line newsletter, conducted monthly meetings, created multiple task forces, appointed precinct captains, and created a youth internship program.”

As Ward Councilor, Coco never missed a Council meeting. He was thoroughly involved in city events, attended 42 Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, and organized neighborhood events such as the Easter Egg Hunt that children enjoyed. He supported local businesses to apply for grants, partake in various board meetings and city projects; he was recently appointed to the Lynn Visionary steering committee.

Coco is an outgoing and active Ward Councilor. He listens, learns, and respects different opinions. Coco works to resolve issues. His main objective is to bring Ward 3 upward to be a better place as well as the City of Lynn. His kickoff re-election campaign was a tribute to him with so many people attending and thanking him for his caring attitude as Ward 3 Councilor. 

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