City Hall hosts Biggest Loser Team Challenge

Story and Photos by Patrick Gecoya

A Biggest Loser Weight Challenge will determine City Champions in May. This will be a 45 day competition to shed pounds between city officials from East against West that began on April 15 and will conclude on May 31.

The official weigh-in was at Turner Metal Company. West Lynn came in at 1,260 pounds while East Lynn hit the scale at 1,380 pounds. At the end of the challenge another official weigh-in will verify the team that loses the most weight.

This Loser Challenge is to raise funds for charity. According to West Team Captain Fred Hogan who said, “The winning team decides which Lynn non-profit organization will receive the proceeds.” This challenge is a great concept for health, noted Councilor Hogan, “This was the idea of Dr. Meaney throwing down the gauntlet to the Councilors and a City Solicitor to participate and to celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month; it is a great way for all of us to work on our health and promote a healthy attitude.”

East Lynn Captain Dr. Peter Meaney wants to bring attention to the obesity epidemic in the country and raise health awareness. He said, “The Council works together; this will build a spirit of friendship among us; and this is an excellent opportunity for us to get into shape, stay well, and raise money for a worthy cause. This is a way for us to give back to the community.”

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